Aktuelle Meldungen

Aktuelle Meldungen

Epica zusammen mit Eluveitie und Scar Symmetry auf Tour

Die niederländischen Metaller und die Schweizer Folk Metal Institution werden im Herbst 2015 gemeinsam auf Tour gehen. Dabei werden die beiden in Deutschland, Polen und der Tschechischen Republik als Co-Headliner auftreten. Begleitet werden die beiden von ihren schwedischen Label-Kollegen Scar Symmetry. Epica Gitarrist Isaac Delahaye sagt dazu folgendes: 

“Oh boy, I'm super stoked for this! What better way to end our The Quantum Enigma world tour than to team up with a band who's -just like us- mixing 2 different genres into something special; a great metal band with a catchy folk topping. Yummie! Add some delicious riffing from our favourite Swedes, and you can expect a lot of coolio and 3 bands on top of their game. You wanna hear an orchestra? You wanna see a fiddler? You wanna steal tasty soloing ideas? Or do you just wanna have a great metal night in the pit? We've got it all.“

Und Eluveitie äußern sich wie folgt:

"From Switzerland to India, from Europe to North America, from clubs to festivals, our Origins World Tour is shaping up to be our most extensive one yet. But we are far from tired! Better yet, we have saved a proper highlight for autumn 2015: together with the incredible Epica, we are getting ready to bring what’s bound to be the tour of the year to the stages of Europe. We are extremely excited to share the stage with such accomplished and talented artists, and are already working our asses off to present you the strongest Eluveitie show ever! Both bands bring their unique flavour to metal and have earned their reputation as top live acts, so we are certain that every single night is going to be one to remember."

27.10.2015 - Oberhausen @ Turbinenhalle
28.10.2015 - Neu Isenburg @ Hugenottenhalle
01.11.2015 - Berlin @ Huxleys
03.11.2015 - Nürnberg @ Löwensaal


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